Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well hello again and Happy New Year!!! First of all, we'd like to apologize for not updating the blog in a very, very, very long time. Yes, of course it was the holidays, and for those of you who didn't know, we went back East for two weeks during Christmas time. That being said, it's still a lame excuse for not updating everyone more frequently, and for that, we apologize.
As you can see, our boys are doing very well, thank you! They both keep getting more and more handsome and continue to enrich our lives! Noah isn't quite two yet, but you'd think he was as he has hit his "terrible twos" early and 1.5! He certainly tests us, but he'll figure out his groove soon enough! As for our dear Logan, he is simply thriving! We're happy to report that he is very healthy, and even though his older brother has been through various illnesses for the past month (including hives, you'd think it was leapersy by the look of it, just an awful sickness), Logan has fared well and is happier than ever!
In the past two weeks we have taken Logan into Children's Hospital in Denver to have his six month checkup, as well as another EKG & Echo cardiogram (sonogram of the heart). Dr Elias (his pediatrician) is very impressed by Logan, and likes that he is sounding out "gaa's, goo's, and ma's." He also has taken up growling in the past few months, which is quite cute for now, but could be creepy later on:) All of these sounds are very good signs and Logan is actually doing everything a "typical" 7 month old would be doing. Also, some blood work was taken to test Logan's thyroid (a normal procedure for children with down syndrome) and we are happy to report his thyroid is at normal levels! Also, his blood count looks great as well, something you have to watch as children with down syndrome are 25 times more likely to develop childhood leukemia.
As for the appointment with our favorite doctor in the world, Dr. Carrie (his cardiologist), everything went smooth as silk. The VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect, or hole is the bottom two chambers in his heart) has completely closed and is as good as sealed. The holes that all babies are born with open are also completely sealed, and his pressure gradient in his pulmonary artery is perfect at 17% leakage (you don't want too low or high, this is what they strive for). His next appointment will be in three months, just to continue to verify everything is healing nicely.
As for strength, look out Lou Ferrigno!!! Logan is excelling at physical therapy, and again, is doing everything a "typical" 7 month old would be doing. He is able to sit up on his own for short amounts of time (his record is two minutes), and is able to support his own weight when I support him standing up! We're getting him ready for crawling, and Logan is able to hold the position of up on his knees and hands for short amounts of time also. The family seems to get a kick out of what his Uncle Mark calls "killers." When Logan lies on his back, he'll lift his head up in a crunch position, as well as his legs off the floor, doing a perfect "V" shape. We think it's hilarious, as most adults can't even do this maneuver! Like I said before, Logan will be my little powerlifter!
One of Noah's presents was an Elmo kitchen, which he absolutely loves! He loves to help Daddy cook and this is a good way for him to practice!
This is Logan with his Poppy out in DC! We spent one week in DC and the other in Lancaster, PA!
Wouldn't you know that the night we decided to drive up to Lancaster from DC there was a huge snowstorm! What normally takes 2.5 hours took six! We got into Lancaster about 4:15 am, and thankfully had Poppy's 4 wheel drive truck to do it in! We probably passed 50 cars off the side of the road in accidents!

Here's a great shot of my Mom, Geoff, and Gabe (all known to Noah & Logan as Nana, PopPop, and Uncle Gabe, respectively). This was a special visit for me for a few of reasons. Number one, they had not yet had a chance to meet Logan yet. Number two, I haven't been back East for Christmas for at least seven years, possibly longer. And last, but certainly not least, we had the opportunity to introduce Logan to his great Nana just before she passed away. The trip was special, and bittersweet at the same time, but I'm so thankful that we all had a chance to see our wonderful Nana one last time.
This is a great shot of how cute Logan can be! He smiles so often is such a great baby!
Logan even puts up with us dressing him in silly costumes like a reindeer! (At least it's not that pink bunny suit from "The Christmas Story"!
PopPop and Noah got along great, and liked to be silly.
This is Yogi the bear, or at least a distant cousin.
Smile Uncle Gabe, it's picture time!
Nana really enjoyed spending time with the boys, and held Logan whenever she could!
Logan also got a chance to be held for the first time by his Great Grandma!!! We visited with her before she went to Illinois for Christmas. We also had the opportunity to introduce the boys to their Great Grandfather, Ed, up in Spring City, PA. It was great to see both of them!
Logan likes to take pictures, but Noah is a little over it.
Gruncle Rand was down at Great Nana & PopPops and was able to see the boys as well.
Logan also got to meet Great PopPop for the first time! The similarities are striking!!! Look PopPop, it's a mini you!
Logan also met his Great Aunt Sis, who was happy to meet him! All in all, a great time back East, and we're very thankful that Logan was able to meet so many people for the very first time!

That's all for now, but we promise to update the blog more frequently! Check back soon!