Saturday, October 31, 2009


Check out all the snow we got starting Wed. 19 inches...craziness! Half of it has melted away already. Gotta love Colorado weather;)

Lil' Pumpkin Logan

Watch out for this Ninja!

Happy pumpkin boy and the stoic ninja. Logan is always smiling for pics, Noah is over it.

Logan loves music and when you sing to him...he's such a sweetie!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Picture Update

This update is mostly cute new photos of Logan. Everything seems pretty anti-climatic since undergoing open-heart surgery, but don't think we're complaining! He's up to 13 lbs for Halloween, and 24.5 inches long. He won't be going back to the cardiologist until January, and his checkups are going great. We're pleased to inform everyone that Logan is doing a tremendous job advancing in his physical therapy as well as cognitive skills. His physical therapist, Terra, is always extremely impressed by how well Logan is progressing. Logan can now hold his head up at a 90 degree angle when on his tummy, and is doing well at sitting when supported by his "boppy" pillow. He "tracks" very well with his eyes, and is acutely aware of noise and his surroundings. He certainly likes to smile alot, as evidenced by the above picture. Doesn't he look like a fake baby doll with his lips pursed for the fake bottle?
Here's the boppy pillow and one of Logan's new favorite toys. He loves things he can grasp, and I must say, he's quite strong! I personally can't wait to get him in the gym and start training for our future Special Olympics power-lifter:)
Here Logan just got done telling a corny joke, drum roll please...
Logan always enjoys his brother, Noah. Here's a great shot of them holding hands.
Look at this little stud!!! He's telling Mommy not to worry and to "hang loose."
Logan is always working on perfecting the cool kid smile. Next week we'll work on the zoolander face.
We've also started putting Logan in the exer-saucer. His feet can't quite hit the ground yet, but Noah makes sure he's doing just fine.
Logan is displaying his Herculean strength here and is starting to support his body with his arms. Next week he should be up for push ups.

Thanks for checking on our boy! He's doing fantastic! We'll update as we get some more great shots! Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy 4 Months Logan!!

It's hard to believe our little man is 4 months old already! He is such a good baby and has so much personality. He is smiling a ton and has been talkative lately too!! Here are a few of the many happy faces of our handsome Logan.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

StepUp Walk & Pittsburgh Visit

Well, it's been a little while, but we have alot of great pictures to share with everyone! On Sunday, September, 27th, Kireta and I participated in our first Down syndrome event. It was a walk for Down syndrome in Denver's City Park, and it was an excellent first event! The turnout was awesome, with roughly 2000+ people and dozens of teams. Above is Team Logan along with Team Kyle & Hunter (Kyle & Hunter are identical twins who were born with Down syndrome. Their parents, Michelle & Kelly, came down to our home with more information about Down syndrome as well as organizations such as Mile High Down Syndrome Association.) We had alot of people supporting us, both at the walk, and via Internet support as virtual walkers! Auntie Ash was instrumental in organizing alot of her friends to show up, most of whom we met for the first time at the walk! And Brad & Lisa also rounded up alot of friends, and together with Team Kyle & Hunter, we had a strong team!This is a shot of my dad and brother, Tyler. It was a perfect day for the walk! We got there early, and setup tents and chairs. The walk itself was 1 or 2 miles, your choice. Afterwards, Kireta & I got a chance to meet some really excellent people and families. We're really looking forward to future events!
Here's a great shot of Kyle & Hunter. Their dad & grandma are with them here.
Here's a shot of Michelle. She was great and took the time to introduce us to alot of people.
Here's a shot of the Nye's.
Kireta took the time to make this bib for Logan.
Here's Auntie Ash with her friend, Rachael. Rachael's family was also a part of the walk by donating to MHDSA and becoming "virtual walkers."
From left to right: Colleen, Kay, and Lisa (Grandma) Nye
The proud parents!

From left to right: Carley, Brinley, Auntie Ash, Rachael, & Kireta

These are some shots from our quick visit back to Pittsburgh! This was Logan's first airplane ride, and he traveled like a champ! Above is Aunt Alex.
Here's Grammie with the boys.
Logan got to meet Aunt Paula with cousins Markee & Chris. Noah had a blast playing with the cousins!
Here's my little man! His head control is getting so much better! He continues to impress us!

We were extremely lucky that my Grandma and Aunt Cathy were in Pittsburgh for the weekend visiting Uncle Tim & Chris! Everyone made the trip up to Sewickley and it was awesome to see everyone! This was also Aunt Cathy's first time meeting Noah as well, which made it extra special.
Here's Uncle Chris holding Logan.
Uncle Tim and Grandma look pleased to finally meet Logan.
Aunt Cathy's certainly happy! Logan's saying, "What's up?"
Our Little Logan doesn't look so little anymore... We're going to have to come up with a new nickname:)
Here's Uncle Mark.
Here's a great shot of Kireta's family! From Left: Norman, Great Grandma-ma, and Pappy.
This is Aunt Nesie & Cuz Christine. They're ecstatic about meeting Logan!
Pappy's so happy!
Great Grandma-ma is happy to finally hold her great grandson!

That's all for now! Thanks for taking the time to follow Logan!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This was a good week for us. Kireta and I were a little apprehensive going into our cardiologist appointment on the ninth. If you've followed our previous post, you'll know that at Logan's last appointment they found some blood flow from Logan's left ventricle (bottom right chamber of the heart) to his right atrium (upper left chamber). Also, his pulmonary stenosis was a bit higher than we would have liked, at 46%.

However, this last visit proved to be very positive! Our cardiologist, Dr. Villavincencio, came into the room to supervise the echo-cardiogram. She was very pleased by the results, as his pulmonary stenosis was down to "ideal" levels at 33%. She explained that a zero level of stenosis would mean total leakage up and down his pulmonary artery, thus getting unwanted backflow into the right ventricle. Conversely, too much stenosis would mean his heart would have to pump to hard to get blood to his lungs. So, again, we're very thankful that his stenosis levels are "ideal."

Logan seems to be happy with the results as well:) Also, Dr. Villavincencio had to look quite hard to even find the blood flow from the left ventricle to the right atrium. She described this leak as "trivial," and that if it remains this size, it will only be something to monitor, and not correct. I asked Dr. Carrie if it would need corrected, would they be able to do so in the cath lab (correction through the femoral artery in the leg), and she replied that at this time, surgical correction would be necessary, but in five years, who knows?

When asked if this blood flow was, in essence, a new hole, or something that was overlooked, the answer is not so clear. Because Logan's VSD patch was very high up between the ventricles, it also happened to be very close to the aorta valve. This is a no-man's land for surgeons, because the potential risk for damaging the aorta is very critical. So Logan's VSD patch was sewn in near perfect, however, a little leakage still occurs because of a small area not sewn up adjacent to the aorta.

So here goes my thoery (best case scenario by the way): The left ventricle is very high pressure. A small hole in the VSD patch would mean that high velocity blood (from the left ventricle) would "spurt" through the VSD patch. Because of it's location, it's possible that the blood spurt would be directed at one of the leaflets of the tricupsid valve (a one way valve from the right atrium to the right ventricle) and thus jettison into the left atrium, explaining the blood leakage. If this theory is correct, then the leak should also be temporary, as the heart will grow around the VSD patch and seal off completely in time. Of course, only time will tell, but we remain optimistic.

Thank you again for your continued support and prayers. Logan is a true testament that prayers work. For those of you in the Denver area, remember Logan's walk for Down syndrome is on Sunday, September 27th. We're looking forward to a great walk, and will update the blog following the walk. That's all for now!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, ok, so it's been awhile since our last post. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but we've been enjoying our home time with Logan. I can't believe it's already been 2.5 weeks since the surgery. Time flies, but as you can see, our little Logan is doing fantastic! He's become prone to lots of smiles and making cooing noises!

We bought this "bumbo" seat which helps Logan with his head control. As a special feature, it also makes his neck disappear. Tada!!!

On August 30th, Logan was baptised at Parker United Methodist Church. We were able to give everyone an update at church and thank everyone for their prayers.

Logan's Grammie came out for two weeks to help watch over Noah during our stay at the hospital. This helped us out immensely as Noah was able to stay home and feel comfortable with his normal routine. One less thing for us to worry about!

Here's a great shot at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. Logan's trying to do a jedi mind trick, and Noah's got his serious face on. We look forward to being able to particiapte in more family activities now that Logan has his surgery behind him. Logan's next cardiologist apointment is on the ninth. We remain a little anxious because on one of his post-op echos they found some blood flow from the left ventricle to the right atrium. We really don't have a whole lot of information for everyone as of yet, but we'll find out much more on the 9th. Hopefully, however, this is something we will just have to watch, or else something that can be fixed through the cath lab in the future, but like I said earlier, we should know more on the 9th.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!