Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, ok, so it's been awhile since our last post. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but we've been enjoying our home time with Logan. I can't believe it's already been 2.5 weeks since the surgery. Time flies, but as you can see, our little Logan is doing fantastic! He's become prone to lots of smiles and making cooing noises!

We bought this "bumbo" seat which helps Logan with his head control. As a special feature, it also makes his neck disappear. Tada!!!

On August 30th, Logan was baptised at Parker United Methodist Church. We were able to give everyone an update at church and thank everyone for their prayers.

Logan's Grammie came out for two weeks to help watch over Noah during our stay at the hospital. This helped us out immensely as Noah was able to stay home and feel comfortable with his normal routine. One less thing for us to worry about!

Here's a great shot at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. Logan's trying to do a jedi mind trick, and Noah's got his serious face on. We look forward to being able to particiapte in more family activities now that Logan has his surgery behind him. Logan's next cardiologist apointment is on the ninth. We remain a little anxious because on one of his post-op echos they found some blood flow from the left ventricle to the right atrium. We really don't have a whole lot of information for everyone as of yet, but we'll find out much more on the 9th. Hopefully, however, this is something we will just have to watch, or else something that can be fixed through the cath lab in the future, but like I said earlier, we should know more on the 9th.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


  1. Love all of the pics. Looks like you are having a great time now that surgery is over. Best wishes and prayers for the 9th.:)

  2. What a cutie Logan is! We hope the cardiologist appointment tomorrow brings good news. Our daughter Gwyneth also had Dr. Mitchell for her surgery last year! He was wonderful. It was amazing to us how much more energy Gwyneth had after recovering from her VSD repair.

    By the way, Mile High Down Syndrome Association is a great resource if you haven't yet checked them out.