Friday, December 3, 2010


Our Logan boy is 18 months old today! He is so full of personality, can be very stubborn and is testing mommy and daddy more & more...we feel like we have twins anymore. Noah and Logan do a lot of the same things, monkey see monkey do! Whatever sound Noah makes Logan will repeat him. This is a very good thing! Not so much when they're both throwing match box cars down from the loft onto our hardwood floors...ahh boys :)

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas in the Nye household! The most wonderful time of the year!

Noah's new favorite show is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. When we ask him what he wants for Christmas he tells us packages of presents.

Logan has been signing some words on his own without me asking. In this photo he's saying 'eat'. He also asks for milk, drink, more, all done and last night did sleep for the first time. We just started speech therapy a couple weeks ago. The therapist is skipping over the beginner course since Logan is already saying (while signing) hi, hello(when he picks up a toy phone or gets a hold of my cell), dad & sometimes mom(not fair). We are moving on to animal noises-which he picked up on moo & baahh right away. We are also working on 'touch your nose'. The cutest is when he tries to change the channel with the TV remote, we have 3 & he knows which one to use and if you give him a kleenex he will blow his little nose-too cute, I can't get enough of him!!

Align CenterHow big is Logan? SOOO BIG!!! Another new thing he loves to do.

Uncle Mark and Grammie made it to Denver for Thanksgiving!! Uncle Sean joined us as well! What a great Thanksgiving! I said to Noah the night before they arrived.."Guess who is coming tomorrow?" He responds "Santa Claus" He's too funny!

Earlier in the month we made a trip to Pittsburgh to visit with family and friends. The boys and I were there for a whole entire week! It was a nice and relaxing time for Mommy who was well overdue for a break! Thanks for all your help Grammie!!
Poppy drove from Virginia for a quick visit with the boys!

The boys with cousin Chris and Markee. Noah is into electronics already. He'll probably be asking for an iphone for Christmas.
Playing patty cake with Aunt Paula.

A fun filled visit with Uncle Tim and Chris. Noah had a great time singing, dancing and playing Uncle Tim's piano!

Great Grandma-ma and Norman!

Great Aunt Anna Mae!

Happy 18 Months Logan Christopher! We love you so much!!