Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Picture Update

This update is mostly cute new photos of Logan. Everything seems pretty anti-climatic since undergoing open-heart surgery, but don't think we're complaining! He's up to 13 lbs for Halloween, and 24.5 inches long. He won't be going back to the cardiologist until January, and his checkups are going great. We're pleased to inform everyone that Logan is doing a tremendous job advancing in his physical therapy as well as cognitive skills. His physical therapist, Terra, is always extremely impressed by how well Logan is progressing. Logan can now hold his head up at a 90 degree angle when on his tummy, and is doing well at sitting when supported by his "boppy" pillow. He "tracks" very well with his eyes, and is acutely aware of noise and his surroundings. He certainly likes to smile alot, as evidenced by the above picture. Doesn't he look like a fake baby doll with his lips pursed for the fake bottle?
Here's the boppy pillow and one of Logan's new favorite toys. He loves things he can grasp, and I must say, he's quite strong! I personally can't wait to get him in the gym and start training for our future Special Olympics power-lifter:)
Here Logan just got done telling a corny joke, drum roll please...
Logan always enjoys his brother, Noah. Here's a great shot of them holding hands.
Look at this little stud!!! He's telling Mommy not to worry and to "hang loose."
Logan is always working on perfecting the cool kid smile. Next week we'll work on the zoolander face.
We've also started putting Logan in the exer-saucer. His feet can't quite hit the ground yet, but Noah makes sure he's doing just fine.
Logan is displaying his Herculean strength here and is starting to support his body with his arms. Next week he should be up for push ups.

Thanks for checking on our boy! He's doing fantastic! We'll update as we get some more great shots! Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers!


  1. Hey guys!! The boys looks great!! Hope you all are doing fantastic!!