Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Logan's League

Alright, finally another update to Logan's blog! This post will focus on the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk that happens once a year at Denver's City Park. This year we named Logan's team "Logan's League," and were very excited to gather a large team to walk to support Logan!
We had friends in from across the county to help support Logan's League. Auntie Ash was instrumental in helping the cause, and really rallied alot of her friends to come out and walk for Logan. This year we also had alot of virtual walkers, and all together we helped raise 2,885 dollars for the Mile High Down Syndrome Association!

The walk started early at 7:00 am, and the actual walk commenced at 9:00. During registration and team gatherings, everyone enjoyed the pancake breakfast. After the walk, we grilled some food and socialized for awhile before heading home.
As for an update for the well-being of Logan, we are pleased to announce he is doing quite well! He's so very close to walking, and we work with him daily to achieve this goal. He is able to free-stand for a few seconds, and he pushes a walker around at alarming speeds:) He side-steps everywhere, including up the stairs now. We hold his hands with minimal support as he takes his steps, so hopefully the next post will have a video of him walking.

Logan loves music and loves to dance! He's got quite the rhythm! Here he's doing his best Nana imitation!

Logan continues to impress us with his problem solving skills! He's doing great with placing objects in containers, such as shapes and puzzles. He's learning new sign language all of the time, and is doing well telling us what he wants. On the flip side, he's also becoming a little more of a handful for us! He's definitely testing us with the word "No," and really looks for attention. That being said, he gets away with alot because he's so cute:)
We couldn't have asked for a better day for the walk. It was a gorgeous fall day at City Park!

This year we had about 30 people actually walk, with many more Virtual Walkers. Thanks again so much for your support!!!

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