Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year..New Blog Title..

Happy New Year!! Our 'Little Logan' is not so little these days. I'm really going to try to update this blog more often for family and friends. Both boys are growing so fast before our very eyes and want to include everyone with great pics and info. Chris (Daddy) is great with words. I'm the photographer..I update pics on FB every...umm..week.. but thought I would include them to this blog for those of you who are staying away from the FB addiction;)
Brotherly Love...
Some pics from Christmas...LOVE Christmas!!!
Auntie Ash with the boys!
Uncle Ty, Grandma, Uncle Sean, Oma and PaPa
So great to spend Christmas with Grandma Steedle (Oma)
Daddy with his boys on Christmas Day!

Happy 2011!!  Noah was all about wearing his hat and dancing around. He loves music and dancing. His favorite band is Candy Band...Thanks Uncle Tim and Chris for the CD...step aside Justin Bieber..Noah Nye is in the house...
Here is Logan strutting his little stud muffin...
Physically Logan is doing GREAT! The boys love chasing after one another, dancing together and climbing onto the couch and running back and forth...lovely..Mommy is super busy being referee. 
We have an evaluation with Developmental Pathways. Logan, more than likely will have PT 2 times a month. Speech therapy once a week and we are going to request an OT as well. Logan loves food. He will feed himself finger foods and will feed himself with a fork when I give him food on it. He is finally drinking from a sippy but we are working on a straw. 
He clearly says Daddy, Dog, Duck, Down, Done, Drink-great with D's
Eat, Toe, Mommy, (when upset=not fair) and said Turtle for the first time the other day!
More cute pics and updates on the way...
Happy New Year to all!

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