Monday, August 17, 2009


We just got word of some FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Logan is off of by-pass and stable! The surgery went textbook, and with no major complications!!! Also, even more shocking is that they WERE ABLE TO DO THE VALVE-SPARRING TECHNIQUE!!! I'm in such a state of shock right now that I don't even know what to say. This means that more than likely, Logan will NOT REQUIRE ANY MORE SURGERIES!!! Thanks to all of of you who have kept Logan in your thoughts and prayers! I've always known that prayer works, but we are truly humbled by this whole experience, and know without a doubt that the Lord was in the operating room and looking after our Logan. We are so extremely grateful and in a state of awe. Logan only had a 20% chance of having this procedure done, and we were preparing for the worst. He's got to be one of the youngest babies to have this procedure done (most have to wait 4-8 months before they are able to do it). In 45 more minutes he'll be in the CICU and we'll be able to see him. A sincere thanks to everyone who has thought about our Logan. More to come...


  1. That's awesome News! I will continue to pray! Love you guys! ~Chelle~

  2. yay!! love you guys and we will continue to pray for Logan!!

  3. Kireta and Chris,

    Hello! Your Dad has kept me updated on little Logan. What an adorable little guy he is! He has been in my thoughts and prayers as well as you and Noah. Who, by the way, is also an adorable little guy. You are very blessed with two amazing sons and a loving family. I enjoyed getting to know you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.