Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving on the CPCU!!!

Thursday, 11:55 AM (Day 4). Well I am pleased to announce more good news! In the next hour Logan will be moved up to the ninth floor of the hospital, and upgraded to the CPCU (Cardiac Progressive Care Unit). This is great news!

I am pleased to report that Logan's lungs are doing great, and that he is almost off oxygen completely (he's on just a whisper). This is also great news, as the high-flow oxygen they had him on yesterday mixed a little too much with his formula and he spit up twice yesterday. Logan's normally a great eater, and has never thrown up before, but he hasn't had a problem since yesterday afternoon, so we're on the right track:)

Logan also had most of his tubes removed yesterday! They had pulled one of his drain tubes early yesterday, and they pulled the second one this morning! They also got rid of some sensor tubes, as well as an IV line and an arterial line. What this all boils down to is seeing our baby boy returning to normal and that he is quickly becoming healthy again! (It also makes it MUCH easier to hold him:)

His color looks great, his blood pressure is great, heart rate, oxygen, everything is really positive. As we walk through the CICU we are reminded how extremely lucky we are, because there are many other small children who are having some complications and our hearts break for them. We've met some incredible parents, and realize that Logan is really quite lucky and, of course, special:)

Here's a great shot of how Logan's scar looks. The top gauze is simply to protect his incision from drool and sweat. The bottom two gauze are where they removed the drain tubes. The pink irritation adjacent the incision scar is simply from the tape being removed and will heal within the next day or so.

This morning Pastor Terry stopped by for a quick blessing and prayer over Logan. Logan is certainly a testament that prayers work:) Look at how content and happy he is! The CICU nurses of course love him to death! (By the way, the staff is simply incredible at Children's. We have yet to run into a nurse or doctor that we don't like!) He's only cried a few times in here, and we've noticed his cry seems a bit clearer and not as raspy, although higher pitched.

Logan has gotten back to his normal expressions, including the random smile and smirk! Overall, we're extremely pleased at how well he is recovering, and we look forward to bringing him home soon!

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  1. Hi! Small world indeed! Logan seems to be doing great!! Something about that extra chromosome that makes them little fighters I think:) Feel free to email me any time: We only live about an hour and half away from you! Are you at Hershey Medical?