Monday, August 17, 2009

Incision & Bypass

11:15 am. Logan has had his incision and everything is going according to plan. He has been on bypass now for about 30 minutes, and everything is running smoothly. Both Dr Carrie and Nurse Julianne came out for the update. Dr Carrie said that Logan has a thymus, thus they canceled the blood test for St DiGeorge disease (one less thing to worry about!!!). Looking at the charts, they said that Logan will need to have a pulmonary valve of 8 mm in order for him to do the valve-sparring technique (although through the echos we haven't been able to get it higher than 7 mm). So more than likely he'll have the transannular patch (which will mean future surgeries), but we won't know until they get in there and physically measure it for sure. Kireta and I have been preparing for this as well, so at this point, we just want no major complications. The next step is for them to open up the right side of the heart, and start performing the necessary corrections. Look for an update in an hour.

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