Monday, August 17, 2009

Update to surgery

The time is 10:11 am as I write this. Dr Carrie came out to give us a personal update this morning. She informed us that Logan took to anesthesia well, and no further medications were necessary. His oxygen count two hours prior to surgery was all the way up to 88, but just before surgery had fallen again down to 78. Also, his hemoglobin was high, which is another sign that we are doing the surgery at the right time (as I had been worried that we were putting him in too early). It took a little longer to get all of the "lines" in Logan this morning, but the breathing tube went in without a hitch. As we speak they are preparing him for the incision. Dr Carrie also informed us that since they are tapping an arterial line, she's also going to send his blood away to be examined for St DiGeorge disease (a disease that is a chromosomal anomaly in the 22nd chromosome). Since it's highly unlikely that he has this disorder, I'm not going to worry everyone with the details of this disease, but just be aware they are screening him for it because of his tetraology of fallot.

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